Rigontec GmbH (Munich, Germany) develops synthetic ligands of a novel receptor of the innate immune system, Retinoic acid Inducible Gene I (RIG-I), which recognizes viral RNA. 

RNA motifs that activate RIG-I promote the destruction of diseased cells and the induction of a lasting immune memory thereby treating and preventing recurrence of disease.

Rigontec’s lead compound RGT100, a proprietary first-in-class compound targeting RIG-I, has demonstrated substantial tumor regression and systemic anti-tumor activity including long-term protection against tumor rechallenge. RGT100 is currently in clinical development.

In September 2017, Rigontec was acquired by Merck, Inc. (MSD) at an upfront cash payment of EUR 115 million and contingent payments of up to EUR 349 million based on the attainment of certain clinical, development, regulatory and commercial milestones.

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Sten Verland, PhD MSc

General Partner

Phone +45 2422 1969