What We Do

Sunstone Life Science Ventures is an independent European venture capital investment firm. Our purpose – and passion – is to seek out, enable and empower the most promising life science therapeutics innovations. We help turn new science into new products, improving outcome for patients. And we help create value for innovators, investors and health care systems around the world.

We were founded in 2007 by an international team of industry experts combining entrepreneurial, operational and financial experience. This means we have the experience, the competencies and the networks to carefully select and then fully support our portfolio companies with both funding and business development and more.

We are committed to working hands-on with our portfolio companies to build value. We work closely with management and board members and also offer the competencies of our experienced Business Development Board. This board consists of leading international Life Science executives who have all been involved hands-on in licensing, partnerships and M&A’s on the buy-side.

We believe that the founder/investor relationship works best when built on a balanced foundation of respect and honesty. Building a successful start-up is rarely a straightforward process, and most companies experience troubles at some point in time. In that situation, everyone is best served by having an honest and collaborative relationship.

Sunstone Life Science Ventures focuses on investment opportunities based on novel therapeutics for humans; with strong potential for global success. We typically make our initial investment in companies raising Series A or B rounds, but in some cases even earlier. See more in our Investment Strategy 

To date, Sunstone Life Science Ventures has invested in more than 45 life science companies and several successful IPOs and large M&A transactions have been completed from our portfolio so far (see below). 

The road from innovation to market in the life sciences area often demands both large-scale and long-term investments. Accordingly, we more often than not co-invest with other funds and institutional investors. We encourage and welcome both (co-) investors and innovators to contact us to open a dialogue.

Since the inception of Sunstone in 2007,
our portfolio has completed:



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