To IPO… or not to IPO

We have recently added 12 venture funded companies to our M&A analysis of European therapeutic companies acquired post-IPO. As expected, those companies were acquired at a later developed stage.

As previously highlighted most European venture capital funded therapeutic companies are acquired after receiving less than EUR 45M in venture capital funding (

Does this observation indicate that if an M&A is not in place before EUR 45M invested, then an IPO is necessary to develop the company into an interesting M&A opportunity?

Does this highlight how dependent European Life Science Venture Capital is on a well-functioning public market to benchmark with our US colleagues?

Today we are listing Galecto Biotech on NASDAQ – and hope that in few years we can include a Galecto Biotech M&A in our M&A analysis :-). Until then, well done and good luck to Hans T. Schambye and his team.

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