Santaris Pharma

Santaris Pharma A/S (Hoersholm, Denmark) was a platform company stabilizing oligonucleotides using their LNA technology to enable the oligonucleotide’s use in therapeutic products.

Upon a successful double track process with full filing of F-1 at NASDAQ in New York while engaging in discussions with Roche (Switzerland), Sunstone closed an M&A transaction with Roche with a total volume of up to USD 450 million.

Roche payed an upfront of USD 250 million, and contingent components of up to USD 200 million relating to preclinical and clinical developments. Sunstone represented 24% of the shares, and acted as all seller’s representative throughout the transaction. Santaris has been renamed to Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen (RICC) and remains in the current premises.

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Claus Andersson, PhD

General Partner

Phone: +45 2270 5065