Ace Biosciences

Ace Biosciences in-licences phase I enterotoxigenic E Coli (ETEC) vaccine from Cambridge Biostability Ltd- Deal involves initial payment, milestone and royalties.

ACE BioSciences A/S, the infectious diseases company and Cambridge BioStability Ltd (CBL), the British biotechnology company have entered a strategic deal whereby ACE BioSciences in-licenses CBL’s ‘HolaVax’, (to be called ACE537) an oral Phase I Enterotoxigenic E Coli (ETEC) vaccine which has the potential to be the first to market in the US and EU and which combats the single biggest cause of travelers diarrhoea.

Santaris Pharma, the Danish biopharmaceutical company, announced today that Dr Flemming Ørnskov, Chief Executive Officer of Lifecycle Pharma A/S, has been elected non-executive Chairman of Santaris Pharma A/S.

Dr Ørnskov takes over responsibilities from Santaris Pharma’s current Chairman, Martien van Osch, a general partner at Forbion Capital Partners, with immediate effect. Dr Ørnskov was appointed to the Santaris Pharma Board by shareholders at the Company’s Annual General Meeting on 24th May 2007 and elected Chairman by the Santaris Pharma Board immediately thereafter.

Offering fixed, mobile, internet and in the future IPTV services, the challenge facing this company is the flexibility required to effectively cross and upsell its extensive product portfolio. The complexity of the underlying systems is proving to be a barrier to customer communications.

With Agillic’s SOA architecture it is easily able to integrate with any existing IT system to collate a single view of the customer and thereby create a seamless customer experience. Full digital marketing programmes will then be devised to match the needs of the customer with the right products to create the same high level of loyalty it currently enjoys from its energy customers amongst its telecommunication customers.

Symphogen A/S announced today that it has entered into a global strategic collaboration with Genentech, Inc. for antibody therapeutics against three undisclosed infectious disease targets. In this collaboration, Symphogen will apply its proprietary Symplex™ antibody discovery technology platform to identify novel infectious disease drug candidates. Furthermore, Genentech will gain access to Symphogen’s Sympress™ technology to produce recombinant polyclonal antibodies.