Zealand Pharma is developing a new treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. ZP2929 has the potential to significantly decrease body weight and reduce the risk of Diabetes-related complications. ZP2929 is a dual Glucagon-GLP-1 agonist, a peptide drug which interacts with two receptor systems that play a role in metabolism and Type 2 Diabetes.
Zealand Pharma’s new drug has the promise of significantly lowering the weight of people with diabetes who are overweight or obese, thereby preventing related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. The drug is now moving into pre-clinical development.
“We have been through a long and exciting research period. The result is a new dual Glucagon-GLP-1 agonist that both controls the blood glucose levels and reduces weight in obese diabetic models,” says Dr. David H Solomon, CEO of Zealand Pharma. “Having diabetes is hard to manage because you have to control and regulate your blood glucose levels. In addition many people with Type 2 Diabetes find weight control a struggle and these are the people we hope to help,” Solomon says.

Zealand Pharma advances ZP1846 into Phase I clinical trials. ZP1846, a peptide which incorporates Zealand’s proprietary SIP technology, is developed as a therapy for the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea, a debilitating adverse reaction affecting patients undergoing treatment with many
anti-cancer therapies.

Nuevolution is a unique drug discovery company poised to revolutionize drug discovery and development by utilizing its proprietary ChemeticsTM technologies to synthesize and identify hundreds of drug leads to virtually any target in weeks. Nuevolution recently announced a new research partnership with Novartis. Novartis will make use of Nuevolution’s proprietary ChemeticsTM technologies for lead discovery. For Nuevolution, the agreement involves upfront payment, research funding and milestone payments. Further, Nuevolution is entitled to royalties on the commercial sales of approved products. The partnership with Novartis is part of Nuevolution’s strategy to leverage its broadly applicable ChemeticsTM technologies through collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Sunstone Capital originally invested in Nuevolution in 2001. SEB Ventures and Sunstone Capital are the main investors.

Santaris Pharma A/S and Shire plc will engage in a multi-year research program utilizing Santaris Pharma’s proprietary Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) Drug Platform to identify and select drug candidates against certain targets for the treatment of rare genetic disorders.
Santaris Pharma A/S will receive significant upfront payments, milestone payments and royalties for providing access to its LNA technology, exclusivity for three pre-defined targets and funding for discovery.
Partnership for the treatment of rare genetic disorders further demonstrates versatility of the LNA Drug Platform to develop RNA-based medicines for a range of disease areas including metabolic disorders, cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases.

IPC International has bought all shares in Sunstone Capital portfolio company NatImmune, which is focused on developing protein-based drugs for treatment of cancer and infections.IPC International is a specialty pharma company in growth. Claus Møller, CEO, is excited about the investment in NatImmune and states: “We believe that NatImmune’s drug, which among other things can be used in treatment of warts, seems very promising and it is a perfect match for our niche strategy. Our goal is to further develop new products and bring them to market within a reasonably short time horizon.”
Peter Benson, Managing Partner at Sunstone Capital, is also very pleased about the deal: “The investors behind NatImmune are very satisfied with the divestment to IPC International.” He trusts that IPC International will be the perfect new home for the further development and future marketing of NatImmune’s products.