About Sunstone

Sunstone Life Science Ventures’ is a European, early-stage investor based in Copenhagen. We have a focus on investment opportunities based on novel therapeutics for humans, and we typically make our initial investment in companies raising Series A/B rounds, but we may invest at an earlier stage. Our geographical scope is Europe including UK with particular emphasis on the European life science hubs.

At Sunstone we are passionate about being part of the journey where science is turned into products benefiting patients worldwide. We seek opportunities which improve patient outcome and have the potential of offering solutions that are more efficient for the health care system.

Our team brings together a diverse set of professional experience: from entrepreneurial ventures to corporate management and financial services. Our background allows us to support our portfolio companies on a breadth of issues, providing a 360° approach, ranging from high strategic level to specific operational issues.

We believe that the founder/investor relationship works best when built on a balanced foundation of respect and honesty. Building a successful start-up is rarely a straightforward process, and most companies experience troubles at some point in time. In that situation, everyone is best served by having an honest and collaborative relationship.