Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj is a venture partner at Sunstone and the quintessential university dropout turned technology entrepreneur. At Sunstone, Nikolaj has invested in open source, gaming and web service companies with engagements in Neo Technology, Podio and Seriously to mention a few.

Nikolaj joined Sunstone in 2010 from image recognition company Polar Rose (acquired by Apple), and previously founded Speednames/Ascio (acquired by Group NBT); Imity (acquired by Zyb/Vodafone); and Organic Network, a now-defunct Wi-Fi startup whose legacy is, the leading open source Wi-Fi project. He also spent a year with O'Reilly as European tech evangelist and in the early 2000s helped make the then-leading technology conference in Europe. In 2016 Nikolaj decided to go back to entrepreneurship and transitioned into a venture partner role.

Nikolaj was born in India and has lived in Kenya, Costa Rica, and the US, and is an avid fan of brightly colored sneakers, retro games, and his Swedish country house.

Title: Venture Partner
Area: Technology
Focus: Gaming and Open Source Developer Software
Mobile: +45 2012 6000
Email: Click here to contact

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