Claus Andersson

Claus Andersson is a partner in the Life Science group and has been with the team since it was established. Claus focuses on medical technology, diagnostics and therapeutics investments and is actively involved in maintaining our strong network to universities and research centers.

Claus has extensive experience in strategy execution and technology development from various parts of the Life Science ecosystem: both as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, scientist, and corporate manager.

Claus holds a Master’s degree in Civil Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Copenhagen and the Humboldt University in Berlin. Outside working hours, Claus interests span from skiing, running to multivariate statistical modeling at the University of Copenhagen – a mix providing several sources of recreational activities.

Title: Partner
Area: Life Science
Focus: Therapeutics, Medical Technology and Diagnostics
Mobile: +45 22 70 50 65
Email: Click here to contact

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