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Agillic CLM Version 5 delivers lower retention and acquisition costs by providing marketing with greater flexibility to implement marketing programmes and fulfil individualised offers and incentives.

Agillic, specialists in customer lifecycle management today announced the limited availability of its CLM Enterprise Platform 5. This latest version is designed to give marketing greater control and flexibility to cost effectively manage all customer communications and marketing programmes across traditional and digital communication channels…

Alliance Formed by Key Technology Companies to Facilitate the Build-Out of State of the Art Broadband Networks Leading network technology providers today announced the formation of an alliance to accelerate the adoption and ongoing development of a new era of next-generation networking platforms.

The “Road to 100G” Alliance has been founded by market leaders in key networking component segments critical to delivering standards-compliant solutions which address a wide range of ultrahigh bandwidth applications and system configurations.

The charter of the Road to 100G Alliance is to provide a framework that encourages the development of comprehensive solutions that are optimized for high-density communications applications…

Claus N. Rasmussen, Thermodynamics Specialist at Asetek presented the paper “Optimal Design of Coldplates for CPU Coolers” at the 2007 ASME-JSME Thermal Engineering Conference and Summer Heat Transfer Conference held this week in Vancouver, Canada.

The paper “Optimal Design of Coldplates for CPU Coolers” presents the results of an effort to determine the influence of the parameters affecting cold-plate performance and to minimize the total thermal resistance of a CPU cold-plate.

An analysis based on analytical calculations and CFD simulations shows that spreading resistance is affected not only by the heat source area, cold-plate thickness and thermal conductivity of the cold-plate material, but also by the effective heat transfer coefficient of the interface between cold-plate and cooling liquid. Different options for optimizing heat transfer through the cold-plate are discussed.

Zensys’ Third Generation Z-Wave Chip in Mass Production Next Generation of Wireless Home Control Technology Now Readily Available to Consumers
Zensys, developer of the award-winning Z-Wave wireless home control standard, today announced that its third generation Z-Wave chip — the ZW0301 — is in mass production.

The ZW0301 is the industry’s lowest cost, lowest power consumption chip for wireless control and automation.

EDA startup Nangate Inc. is aiming to provide digital integrated circuit (IC) designers with the advantages of full custom design implementation while preserving the benefits of cell-based design methodologies.
The California-based company claims its new re-synthesis solution, dubbed Design Optimizer, is capable of creating an optimized gate-level design with area, speed or power benefits. Built entirely by Nangate, Design Optimizer has no licensed or external components in its package. It uses patented covering and mapping algorithms developed internally. “Nangate is now taking a new step, including the synthesis of the transistor layout in itself to become part of the physical synthesis. This brings a much better utilization of physical synthesis for higher performances, lower costs and lower power consumption,” commented Nangate’s co-founder, president and CEO Ole Christian Andersen…