About Technology Ventures

Sunstone Technology Ventures is a European early stage technology investor based in Copenhagen.

We believe that the founder–investor relationship works best when built on a balanced foundation of respect and honesty. Building a successful start-up is rarely straightforward and most companies experience difficulty at some point. In such cases an honest and collaborative relationship is best for everyone.

Our team has a broad range of skills that allow it to dissect and understand the requirement of businesses, whether they are in their earliest days or are facing the challenges of scaling a successful enterprise. We are business model and technology enthusiasts with a strong preference for scalable go-to-market strategies, who have a diverse set of professional experiences from entrepreneurial ventures in various technology sectors to corporate management and financial services.

At Technology Ventures we often make our initial investment in European companies raising Seed or Series-A rounds. These start-ups have proven momentum from beta trials services or a launched product, and many of them choose to open an office in the US, and that’s why Sunstone maintains an office and a partner in Silicon Valley.

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